Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Black Sheep" Pinus Sylvestries Pt II

Well even though it's winter there is always some bonsai chore to look after. This tree has responded well since acquired from the junk pile at a local nursery, under my nurturing and feeding regime. It has popped many new buds throughout and is ready for spring. It got it's first reduction yesterday and branches were wired for future considerations.

Although many could not see the potential in this tree, I saw it immediately. It looks like a "plucked chicken at this point in time. The tree is still in its nursery container for the time being, come spring we will have a look at what is under the soil.

I found this inspiration a long time ago on line, perhaps it was a faded memory that made me see the potential in Black Sheep. Who knows, does it really matter? The potential is definitely there. In the future the top most tuft may will more than likely not be part of the tree, who knows.

The bottom branches were left on for the time being, as they may be used in the future or may be jinned. This tree (like most trees) is apically dominant so I don't believe too much energy will be wasted on these branches.

Depending on what I find under the soil, I might sit the tree back some and once I get it in a grow box further define the trunk line. The apex needs to be brought forward as well. Since this tree is 5-10 years from its final destination, I believe we will have lots of time for tweaking.