Monday, August 17, 2009

Rhododendrom Impenditum "Mauve"

This tree was a replacement for a similar tree I lost my first winter. Sadly the original would have made an excellent "Serengeti" styled tree. This tree was acquired in May '06.

The tree was given an initial styling after the tree finished blooming, it showed promise. The winter of '07 was bad in Nova Scotia as well as other parts of the country. We are not sure what really transpired differently but several enthusiast and nurseries lost several trees to father winter that year. This tree lost it's entire top.

I had pretty much given up on this tree, it took three summers to recuperate and this year it's the first year since it's near death experience that it is showing promise. This type of Dwarf Rodie are extremely fragile, although they are sold profusely here for the landscape. I know of no one else in my neck of the woods who have attempted to bonsai this cultivar.

Photo circa '09. The tree is once again showing promise and should flower next spring. This variety lends itself well for bonsai with it's very small flowers and leaves. The tree is only 3-4 inches high.

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