Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chamaecyparis Obtusa "Kosteri"

A new addition to my growing family of Hinokis. This trees was acquired as raw nursery stock in June '07. This cultivar is not as graceful as the "Gracilis", but the trunk has good taper and subtle movement so I decided to give this species a whirl

The tree denuded of all unnecessary branches and given an initial styling. Most branches where difficult to bring into a horizontal plane but the guy wirtes took care of that problem.

It was planted out in a grow box and placed on my aggressive feeding regimen. The tree remained healthy and grew profusely the summer of '08. There is a problematic root at the back of the tree. The reduction and future remedy of this root commenced the summer of '08. In subsequent repottings this root will be reduced even further as others form to eventually replace it.

The tree finally got it's first pot this summer. The root was not touched at this time in favour for continued growth below the soil line. As discussed in my article "Taming the Hinoki" "Kosteri" has rather coarse foliage as can be seen in the photo. The branches are pretty much where they need to be and will be refined in upcoming vegetative seasons.

Although this trunk had nice subtle movement to it, it wasn't drastic enough for my liking. Therefore, I decided to accentuate the movement in the trunk. This can be readily seen by the rebar and the funny looking beige pieces of wood on the trunk's front. No other work will be carried out this season and future work will be revisited in the spring.

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