Monday, June 29, 2009

Cotoneaster Horizontalis "Coral Beauty"

The following tree was part of an experiment I did in 2006. The basis of the experiment can be read here. This tree was grown in my substrate.

The bush as brought home from the nursery.

The tree was bare rooted and intialy pruned.

The tree was planted out in a pond basket to nurture a fine feeder root system (also part of the experiment) and given a final styling.

The tree circa May '07. This tree was occasionally pruned during the previous season. This is the result.

The tree gets it's first bonsai pot. The silhouette of an "apple tree" is developing. Circa June '07.

Coming out of slumber circa spring '08

Circa June '09. The tree is coming along nicely and will be refined in years to come.

In upcoming months and years I will need to refine my photography skills as I am failing to do my trees justice. I am not getting the depth of field I would like and the majority look like a cluttered mess in two dimensions.

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